In 1952, the operators of life insurance companies in Thailand met to consult each other on a plan to establish a central organization for the life insurance business in Thailand. The group subsequently formed a Working Committee that comprised 10 representatives of 10 life insurance companies to plan for the establishment of such body.
     In the following year, the Working Committee has officially filed an application with the Police Department to establish the Life Insurance Association of Thailand to fulfill the following objectives.

     On June 16, 1953, the Director-General of the Police Department approved in principle the application to establish the Life Insurance Association of Thailand and on June 23, 1953, the Working Group further filed an application to establish an association with the National Cultural Council. The establishment of Life Insurance Association of Thailand was officially approved on July 5, 1956.

     Then in 1967, the Life Insurance Act was promulgated to regulate the operation of life insurance business. On November 9, 1967, the name of the association was changed from the Life Insurance Association of Thailand to the current name of the Thai Life Assurance Association to be in line with the regulation in the Life Insurance Act. At that time , TLAA has 8 following companies as members

  1. The Thai Life Co., Ltd.
  2. The Thaiprasit Insurance Co., Ltd.(Now is Finansa Life Assurance Co., Ltd.)
  3. The Southeast Insurance Co., Ltd. (Now is the Southeast Life Insurance Co., Ltd.)
  4. Sri Ayudhaya Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Now is Ayudhaya Allianz C.P. Life Insurance Public Company Limited)
  5. Muangthai Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  6. The Ocean Commercial Insurance Co., Ltd. (Now is Ocean Life Insurance Co., Ltd.)
  7. Siam Life Insurance Service Co., Ltd. (Now is Manulife Insurance(Thailand) Public Company Limited.
  8. Krung Siam Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Now is Bangkok Life Assurance Public Co., Ltd.)

     In 2001, TLAA was approved by a letter No. Por Nor 0410/6907, dated September 17, 2001 to change its Article of Associations as followed.

  1. To be a central body for life insurance business operators and related parties to jointly promote the continuing and stable progress, credibility, efficiency and global competitiveness of Thai life insurance business
  2. To protect the interest of the insured, life insurance companies or operators of life insurance-related businesses. To monitor and promote development of laws, affecting the interest of the insured and member companies. To coordinate and to provide support to government agencies as well as to provide views and recommendations to government and related agencies on further development of life insurance business.
  3. To promote and to support life insurance companies to practice self-regulation, to improve business operation within the legal framework and life insurance business principles as well as to establish ethical standard and compliance and to ensure that the business is operated in good order and with public trust.
  4. To promote progress in technical areas of life insurance business as well as research and development efforts that would contribute to development of business operation to international standard
  5. To create public awareness on the benefits and importance of life insurance.
  6. To coordinate and to exchange statistics and other information with domestic and foreign associations, institutions and other related agencies.
  7. To promote harmonious relationship, cooperation and an exchange of views among member companies.
  (Now, TLAA has 22 member companies for Life Insurance and a member company for Re Insurance)